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A long time ago, I learned that I needed to be true to myself in order to be true to those around me.  So, a process that I engage in regularly is to ask myself questions like, “What makes my Soul soar?” and “How can I best use my talents and gifts to help others?” As I listen to my Soul, I learn the answers to those questions; then I integrate them into my life.  This process has proven to be highly effective in helping me remain true to myself and better able to assist others.

I have memories of seeing a woman (ghost) when I was seven. Around the age of 16, I was able to communicate telepathically with a girlfriend who lived a couple of miles away. By the time I was 22, I had realized I was able to use my intuition and other extrasensory gifts God had given me to help others.

Since 1994, I have:

– Professionally clearing homes

– Aided Federal and local law enforcement in murder investigations and locating missing people

– Helped families understand what was happening to their loved ones during their passing

– Counseled individuals

– Assisted people in communicating with loved ones who have passed

– Worked with parents by looking at their child’s energy to find answers to interesting issues

– Worked with animals (horses, dogs, cats and yes, even a guinea pig) and their two-legged friends (humans)

I never limit myself, always working through God’s Protective Light. I ask for guidance and accept what is placed before me.

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is?  Do you think to yourself, “There has got to be more to my life!”  Do you feel that you are supposed to be doing more with your existence?  “Who am I and why have I chosen to live this life?”  You’re right!  You have decided to live this life.  I chose, just like you did, to live this life.  We choose our parents, siblings, life lessons, all of it! I believe that the sooner you recognize this, the sooner you can help yourself to move forward. With that being said, consider this: “Reality is the essence of God and is constant. Your human consciousness only reveals the new parts you wish to experience. As you change, more of it comes into view, and you may experience and use the many new revelations as you wish, but you cannot go backward.” A wonderful quote from the book, “The Journey Home” by Kryon channeled through Lee Carroll.

All of this has been and continues to be my life. Doors keep opening. New and beautiful things come through these doors and they help to show me the many truths of myself. There is work to be done, self-rewarding and yet when this work is completed, it helps you to be a better and more soulful being.  It will help you to understand why you’re here and what your spiritual path should be. It can contribute to answering the question, “Who am I and why have I chosen this life?” Returning to your soul-self, the place you were meant to be before life took you in another direction and confused matters. This will help not only you and your family but all of the human race and this planet. One of my jobs is to remind you and reconnect you to your higher-self. Your higher-self is what I like to call our “God-self.” “The Core,” my channeled guides informed me years ago that we are a direct connection to God. That spark that resides within our human body is a part of the God consciousness. It is our soul. I choose to call it our “Soul Being.”

The sad thing is we get busy with life! Forgetting who we are, what we love, and what our passion is. We forget to dream, have hopes, and think positive. It is so easy to fall prey to the negative and turn off our God-self! There has got to be more and there is!  It is all right there inside of you already. You just need to learn to find it.

May love and happiness surround you!



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