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Rescheduling Policy:  You will need to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance of your booking time. This can be achieved via the email or text you received to notify you of your scheduling/reminder. 

No Refunds: There are no refunds for last-minute cancellations, or for no-shows for sessions, classes, or events.  There are no refunds or credits for late arrivals when your session time has to be reduced because you arrived late.  There are no refunds for work already performed for a session, class, or event.
Recording Your Session: I will be recording your session and will send it to you via While I do my best to have a high-quality recording, no guarantees are made as to the quality or availability. There will be an expiration date to these recording, please make sure to download and save by that expiration date. If you have any trouble make call my office number 307-330-7625 and I will resend if your recording is still available. There is no guarantee that your recording is available ... sessions can be deleted sooner, but are usually available for a month prior.

Your Scheduled Event:  I will arrive up to 30 minutes earlier than the start time of your event to ensure I know the area of where we will be offering my services.
Disclaimer/Expectations: I prefer to do my work cold turkey. Meaning, I do not want to know anything in advance except for the type of session you have requested.  I cannot guarantee the outcome you expect with any of my reading or healing services. I cannot make a spirit of a loved ones come through in a mediumship session or give you want to hear in any other session or service. Please be open-minded to the service you have selected. I may decide to end the session earlier if I feel the connection is not going well and if there are some choices for you to make. If you are unhappy with your session or service for any reason, please contact me by email. My work is not meant to replace any medical or psychological advice, please see your primary care doctor or mental health care provider for appropriate services.
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