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Intuitive Sessions
Called sessions or readings it really is all the same. I start by saying blessing and prayer...
What relaxing way to end the day, start the weekend or simply allow yourself some...
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Chakra Balancing 
To understand what a Chakra balancing is let's start by talking about your Aura...
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Which Session should you book?
PLEASE NOTE: Part of the booking process is filling out a form with your information on it. On this form your will decide if you want a phone, in-person or Zoom session. 

You and/or another person wants to visit about the same subject/person.
30-minute: Get for a quick check-in or just a couple of questions. 

Small Group
You and up to 4 others want to visit about the same subject/person.

Private Home Session
You are looking for me to come to your home and doing a private or mini-group gathering. Up to 12 people. 2 hour event - $50 per person or $500 minimum. Local transportation fee: $1 per mile round trip. Long distance travel fee: Airfare and hotel are paid my you. Call 307-330-7625 to make arrangements.

You have a venue and would like to make arrangements for me to do a larger gathering. Call 307-330-7625 to make arrangements.

Are you needing to relax, set the world down and allow yourself a little respite ...with 8 pure essential oils and repetitive systematic movements that will help you step away from your stress levels.

Chakra Balancing
Sometimes it's nice to simply allow yourself a quiet time to relax. While you do that, I'll work on different levels of release via your Chakras (energy centered within and around your body) This can help you to feel lighter on a deeper level. 

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Reschedule, cancel, payments, and more. Keep track of your username and password. 

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