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Center – Ground – Attune

CENTERING: This means being fully present, connected within, focused, and open to guidance. The goal is to clear the ego which clouds us with doubts, fears, and misinformation and to connect with your own Higher Power.
  • Breathe deeply and consciously
  • Close your eyes and become aware of yourself
  • Notice your breathing – let it be even, slow, deep, and relaxed With each exhale, release tension, worry, and thoughts
  • With each inhale, receive calming and restorative energy Continue until you feel completely present and focused
  • Imagine a beautiful, incredibly loving energy gently coming down through the top of your head and into your body. Let it go all the way down your body to your feet.​
GROUNDING: This is a state of feeling connected to the earth, to your own physical body, of being alert and oriented to the present moment. This helps you be focused on your task at hand.
There are many ways of doing this. You might imagine yourself as a tree with deep roots going down from your feet. Some people just focus on sensing their feet. Others may use images, thoughts, affirmations, or prayers.
  • Imagine a beautiful, incredibly loving energy gently coming up from the earth through your feet and into your body. Let it come all the way up through your body to the top of your head.
This strengthens your own energetic boundaries and helps prevent you from taking on other people’s issues, symptoms. You are responsible for your own energies – your thoughts, emotions, physicality, and no one else’s. It is a spiritual violation of another person to take on their “stuff”. It helps neither of you.
ATTUNING: This allows you first to stay connected to your own Higher Power (you did this when you centered) and then to “tune in” consciously and to focus on whatever issue you are addressing within yourself. The most important thing to learn is to attune first to your own energies and lovingly address them before you try to help other people. It’s so easy to see “what’s wrong” with other people and neglect our own needs for healing. This is a matter of spiritual ethics! Simply place your focused awareness on the area of your own body or mind or emotions that you are working with. As you heal yourself, you naturally become a source of healing for others.
  • Imagine both streams of energy from above your head and below your feet coming together and merging in your heart area. Imagine you can send these energies anywhere within you, to any area of need.
When you find yourself daydreaming, drifting off, losing track of what’s going on, that is a signal for you to center, ground, and attune. There are times when daydreaming is wonderful. There are also times when it is counter-productive and keeps you from being present. Knowing what your intention is for the situation you are in at the moment is key to the health of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
Consciously getting centered, grounded, and attuned can become a very quick, easy thing to do. The more you practice, the better you get. It helps you with whatever meditative or spiritual practice you follow. It allows you to more fully pay attention to your own life. It helps reduce our tendencies toward negative thinking. It allows fuller development of intuitive faculties. Intuition is different from fear and worrisome imaginings that cause us to suffer. Intuition is being more fully present and aware of the larger field of energies that we live in and are part of. Divine Guidance never shames, blames, or forces us into any behavior that would harm ourselves or another. You have deeper, cleaner access to Divine Guidance when you are centered, grounded, and attuned.
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