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Uplift Your Spiritual Connections 

A Intuitive Coaching Collaborative  

(Beta version)  

Starting January 22, 2022 


Have you been wanting to work on your intuition? Feel as if you need to connect with other like-minded  spiritual explorers? Ready to commit and dive into letting the ego go, allowing your spirit to soar?  

Teacher: Sandy Bath known as a Spiritual Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, lover of self-discovery and all things Spiritual invites you to a new monthly free-flowing dive into your intuition. This will be a  hands-on sharing exploration. Open format with some structure.  

Includes: 6 group gatherings  

Schedule: 10 am - 12 pm

  •  January: 22st 

  •  February: 5th, 19th,  

  •  March: 19th 

  •  PLUS:  30-min private Intuitive Coaching session with Sandy (Feb. 19 - Mar. 19)

  •  April:  2nd, 16th

Location: 550 Main Street, Ste # 4 in Lander  (Gatherings are in-person)


Limit: 6 people - this is intentionally designed as a small intimate group  

Cost:  $393.75 per person,  75% OFF of $1575.00  (The 75% off is reflective of the Beta program. See attached for special *terms and conditions).

$393.75 (one time payment)  Payment option: $150.00 (3 auto payments)            

(Must commit to the 3 months) 

Add-ons: 15% discount on all services during these 3 months. (excluding private coaching  programs and any other already discounted programs). See for further services offered.


TENTATIVE TOPICS** that are on the table: 

  • Chakras Basics

  • Different types of Intuition 

  • Boundaries and why they are important  

  • How does your energy coding work  

  • Movements that can help you open up  

  • Pendulum - how to do and when to use  

  • Dreams and how to make use of them 

  • Esoteric Astrology - Your natal chart

  • Automatic Handwriting

  • Exploring Hands on Healing

  • Free flowing questions and learning


There will be a workbook included in this program. I want to know what you would like to explore… so, forward your thoughts! 

I am truly excited to work with you! 

With hugs and happiness,





** Terms and Conditions

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