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As we fall back...

Good Morning! Today is the day that we set back our clocks. I don't know about you, but I feel this time change gives me an extra hour in the morning. Good or bad, this forced change can be helpful.

If you are waking earlier now, here are some self-help things to explore: - Find a good book to read. (share in the comments)

- 5-minute meditation. (do you like a certain app or just music?...share in the comments) - Get a cup of your favorite morning beverage and visit with a friend who is up. - Brain dump: Write down everything you have cluttering your mind. (This is great if you are stressing about getting things done and you are stalling out) - Start a creative project to help your soul lighten up. - Take a bubble bath or a long shower. Pamper your mind, body, and soul!

- Write a handwritten note to someone you've been thinking about and send it.

- Print off your photos or download them. You might want to put information on the back of the photo to organize them.

- Play your piano, guitar, or instrument of your choice. - Bake something simple, yet yummy. - Start writing that book!

Whatever you decide to do with this time change, I pray you enjoy your day! Be watching, I will be posting about an upcoming event next Sunday, November 13th, at Brown Sugar Coffee Roastery. Tickets will be on sale later today. Hope to see you there. Hugs and happiness flowing your way.

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